Career Goal Setting for Career Minded People!

Career goal setting is a very important step in your life as it sets your life up for the next several years of income, experience, and skills in a particular career field. If you are looking to start or improve a career, goals will help you line everything up.

A career is any long term trade or skill that you perform for a company or self-employment that supplies income to your personal budget. Most people who are getting out of high school are just starting to think about a career. Once they think up a career trade or skill they would like to pursue, they gear towards education to learn more about that career path.

Of course, once all of your schooling is complete, it is time to start your career. You find a job in the same career field, get settled in, and build your career.

Career goal setting is a must if you want to stay on the right track with your career from start to finish. The hard part of finding the right career is figuring out what you really want to do in life. That's where your life purpose comes into play. Knowing what career you want works hand in hand with your purpose in life. If not, you will most likely be changing careers somewhere down the line.

Once you have a chosen your career, goal setting takes over and you can map out your path from beginning to end, from the research, education, and skill gathering to your senior position as an expert in your career field.

Some of the things you may want to consider while setting goals for your career are how much schooling is required (a few years worth of college will take a lot of money), what kind of schooling is required (college or trade school), what's the easiest way to jump into that specific career (internship or low position job with a company), and how many years do I play on exiting that career?

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