Types of Goals Based on Your Path in Life!

There are several types of goals that you can establish for yourself depending on your life's purpose and direction. No matter what you are aiming for in life, a goal will help you get there.

There are many circumstances in your life that require goals to help organize your plan of action and allow you to finish a task from start to completion. Goals help keep you on track so you complete a project in as little time as possible.

Goals, simply defined, are the stepping stones toward a definite purpose. That purpose is your target and you want to reach that target through the shortest path of least resistance.

Types of Goals and How to Apply Them to Your Life!

1. Personal Goal Setting. Personal goals are goals that are set for anything in your personal life that you are trying to accomplish. These types of goals can include setting budget goals, educational goals, weight loss goals, exercise goals, or house cleaning goals.

Personal goals help considerably with your time management and allow you to stay on a tight schedule when you have a lot of things going on in your life. Learn more about personal goal setting.

2. Small Business Goal Setting. Now business goals are goals that are set for anything that you are trying to accomplish with regards to your business. A business is a very complex set of sophisticated goals that each help your business grow one way or another.

Business types of goals help keep your business on track for success by keeping the forward progress going as you achieve goals. Learn more about small business goal setting.

3. Career Goal Setting. If you are fresh out of high school or college, you need to establish goals for your career. Your career is your future schooling, your job, your advancement, and so on. You must choose a field and head in that direction. Learn more about career goal setting to jump start you toward strong career development.

4. Fitness Goal Setting. Establishing these types of goals for fitness is very important because your health is directly affected by your fitness routine. You should establish goals for your exercise to help you maintain great health throughout your life. Learn more about fitness goal setting so you can improve and maintain your health.

5. Financial Goal Setting. Here's a big one that everyone needs to do in order to have a sound financial foundation. You must have financial goals in place in order to reach all of your financial dreams. And if all goals have some kind of financial aspect to them, this one is very important. Learn more about financial goal setting to get all of your finances in order.

Basic Definitions for Goal Terms!

These types of goals are broken down into several different classes that can be used with either type. You will see this more throughout this website so I won't go over all of the classes here.

I've included some basic definitions for some terms related to each of the different types of goals that you may run into while dealing with goal setting. These definitions also make up all the different subcategories within the two goal types. These subcategories should be used with your plan as it is developed.

1. Short Term Goals. These are goals that are set for short amounts of time, usually from a day to no more than a month. These goals are set to help you get things done on a daily basis (such as your to do list) and to help you assess what needs to be done during your monthly plan. Learn more about short term goal setting.

2. Long Term Goals. Long term goals are those goals that are set on an end point that is well beyond a month. These are more like one year, five year, or ten year goals. Learn more about long term goals and how they directly apply to your life.

3. Action Goals. Action goals are short term goals that are used to get the action going toward your primary purpose. The are the daily goals or the things you need to get done quickly so you can move on to the next goal.

4. Stepping Stone Goals. These are goals that help keep you on track toward your primary purpose. These are major markers that identify a progress point toward your ultimate goal in life. Several stepping stone goals lead toward your ultimate goal.

Learn the importance of setting goals and how the various types of goals makes it easier for you to set goals.

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