How to Write a Goal That Gets the Results You Are Looking For!

Learn how to write a goal that gets you the results you are looking for with anything you want to accomplish in life. Goals should be written in a way that you clearly understand what the goal is, how to accomplish it, when it needs to be completed, and what you get if it is completed on time.

Goal setting is an art form that if mastered, you can succeed at anything you set your mind to. It's amazing how many people in the world don't run their lives with goals and a plan; they just live day by day doing the things that cross their paths in the present and never looking toward the future for guidance, inspiration, and hope. It is something that they just call "life", but to me, it is a simple shame.

Your life has meaning and purpose. The things you do every day should help you get closer to that overall purpose. Before you start writing goals down, you must completely know your life purpose. Once you know your life purpose, you must determine how you are going to get there. This is your life plan which helps you develop all of your stepping stone goals.

Once your stepping stone goals are in place, you can tune in on those goals and knock them out with your short term and action goals. The action goals are what get the work done through the motivation of the written goal.

No matter what type of goal it is, it will be written using the same format each time. You use the same format each time because this is what helps to motivate you to finish what you start.

How to write a goal so that it is effective and useful is the name of the game. Goals are really rather basic, though the way they are written is psychologically driven to help you succeed.

Every goal is written with the same exact format so you are consistent throughout your overall life plan. Use the acronym AVID (you want to create an "avid" goal) to help you remember all of the key elements of every goal.

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