How Motivation and Goal Setting Are One in the Same!

Motivation and goal setting are truly one in the same when it comes to the directed path of your every day life. In fact, your goals are the motivating factor you need to help you push on when you hit obstacles or bumps in the road along the way.

Something as simple as jotting down a list of things to do throughout your day is ten times more motivating than writing down nothing and flying from the hip each day. These are called mini goals and are very helpful in your day to day tasks. In fact, a to do list is a condensed version of actual goals to keep you on track each day.

This list in itself provides you with enough guidance to get you through your day; finishing the things you wrote down representing all of the things you needed to get done that day spells a successful day. But, is the motivation from a simple To Do List enough to push you to the completion point of your primary purpose in the distant future? Well, unless you have a list of actual goals to base the To Do List on, you may just be spinning your wheels as haphazardly as you would if you hadn't written down anything at all.

Learning how to motivate yourself through goal setting is an art within itself, but a must all the same. Developing properly drawn out and descriptive goals will get you from point A to point B with little to no deviation. Even if you use your list of goals to help create a To Do List, you are well on your way to goal setting success.

Motivation and goal setting work together because of the way goals are written. If properly written, a goal can be a very powerful motivational tool used to keep you on track day after day throughout the entire planned process, whatever that may be.

Continue reading about motivation and goal setting to see how a goal motivates you to go way beyond where you normally would go without goals.

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