Barriers to Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them!

Barriers to goal setting come in all shapes and sizes and hold you back from achieving your goals. All of the barriers can be planned into your goals so you can avoid them when they are presented.

You face some barriers when you are planning out your goals and some while executing, or trying to execute, them. Any one of these barriers can prevent you from accomplishing something in your life. And for some reason, when you have goals, you notice them more prevalently than you do when you don't have goals.

There are 12 barriers to goal setting that I am presenting to you. Each comes with an explanation, an example, and a way to solve the problem.

12 Barriers to Goal Setting!

1. Your Lack of Belief - If you don't believe you are going to successfully accomplish your goals, then you probably won't. This is a confidence thing and without self-confidence, you lack the belief in yourself and your abilities to achieve your goals. You may want something really bad and set a goal to make it happen, but if you don't have the confidence or belief that you can accomplish the goal, you may never get started with trying to accomplish it, even though you do want the end result badly.

Learn how to build self confidence so you can believe in yourself and your goals.

2. Your Inability to Focus - Barriers to goal setting continues with focus. Being unable to focus on your goals will prevent you from accomplishing them. Focus is hard to do if you aren't constantly thinking about your dreams and the goals at hand to help you accomplish those dreams.

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about? Are you thinking about going to the bathroom? Probably the first thought, but after that, you should be focusing in on the things you need to accomplish today.

One way of getting more focus in life is to review your daily plan for tomorrow before you go to bed. This plants those seeds in your mind so they grow throughout the night. Read your goals for the day as soon as you get up and you should have no problem focusing on your goals.

3. Ineffective Time Management - Time management is one of the worst barriers to goal setting when trying to accomplish your goals. How you manage your time from the time you get up in the morning until you go to sleep at night totally determines how many goals you can accomplish and how fast you can accomplish them. If you can't manage your time, you won't be able to effectively set and achieve goals.

Learning some time management tips will help you keep your time management in order so you can effectively avoid barriers from time.

4. Your Commitment Fears - When you set a goal, you are committing yourself to accomplish that goal and all associated actions. One of the huge barriers to goal setting is you not wanting to make that commitment to perform all of the actions required to accomplish the goal.

The fear comes from actually holding yourself accountable to do a task no matter what. That fear is more of an inability to decide what is more important and whether you can hold yourself accountable if the goal isn't completed on time. That fear may also come from having doubt whether you can accomplish it or not.

If you can't commit to something, then you will have trouble accomplishing it. Learn how to overcome commitment fears so you can avoid any delays in achieving your goals.

5. Inability to Visualize the End Result - If you can't visualize what you want, how are you ever going to make it real. Being able to visualize your dreams is very difficult for some people.

If your dream is to make a million dollars this year, you must visualize that million dollars in your hands. What does it feel like, how does it smell, what does it look like? Before it can really happen, you must visualize yourself with it.

Learn more about the power of visualization so you can avoid barriers to goal setting such as this one.

6. Your Out of Reach Expectations - You may set unrealistic goals by setting a goal to accomplish something way faster than it is ever possible to accomplish. When your goals aren't realistic, how can you ever expect to accomplish them?

One of the important factors in creating goals is your ability to keep it real. Yes, your dreams may not be real yet and you could be inventing something new, but everything about it should be kept within reason. You must allow for plenty of time to accomplish any actions associated with your goals.

The next six barriers to goal setting continue on the next page.

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