Goal Setting Barriers and How to Avoid Them!

The 12 Goal setting barriers continue from the previous page Barriers to Goal Setting. These are the final 6 barriers that you should be concerned with when preparing and accomplishing your goals.

7. Your Fear of Failure - Failure is one of those things that is going to happen throughout your life. Whenever you run into an unforeseen obstacle while working through a goal, there is a very high degree of failure just waiting to happen. This is something you must figure into your plan along with a mitigating solution for any possible failures you may encounter along the way.

There is always something, some kind of goal setting barriers, that are going to happen that aren't part of your plan. Don't fear this "something". That is a great learning item for you that will help you avoid similar problems in the future. Don't treat a failure as a failure. Treat it as one of the learning steps toward successful completion of your goals.

8. Your Uncertainty - You must know what you want before you can set or achieve a goal. If you are not certain what you want, how can you even start to set a goal to get what you don't know is out there.

When you are uncertain about something, you are doubting that it can be done or you can't visualize it being done. You must learn that everything is possible and you need to drive uncertainty out of your mind.

9. Being a Procrastinator - This is one of the leading goal setting barriers that you could ever have in your way. This one can always sneak up on you when you least expect it and depending on the person, it can also hold you back from your goals.

Procrastination is very easy. Ever hear of an excuse? Well, when you come up with an excuse why you can't do something, that is procrastination. No matter how trivial or valid the excuse, there is no excuse for delaying your goals.

Learn more about procrastination so you can learn ways of avoiding it in your day to day events.

10. Being Lazy - Laziness and procrastination are pretty similar to one another, but they are also very different from one another. Being an active person or a go-getter is what's needed when striving to accomplish goals. If you are lazy, you lack that drive to get up off that couch to get things done.

When you are setting goals to get things done, the worst thing you can do is be lazy and not do them. If the dishes need to be washed, you must wash them. When the house needs to be cleaned, you need to clean it. When you reach for your goals, you must take the action to progress forward. You must take action to get things done, every day, otherwise nothing will ever get done.

Goal setting barriers like being lazy will definitely hold you back from achieving your goals. Look for signs like sitting around not doing anything and turn it into action. All you need to be able to do is recognize that you are not doing anything and take action. Get up and get moving.

11. Your Bad Habits - A bad habit is something you do that does not help you achieve the result you want in life. If you have a habit of watching television but you should be at your computer typing a chapter of your book, then you need to really consider dropping that bad habit, or use that habit as a reward for completing a short term goal.

It's very easy to turn a bad habit into a good habit. When you reward yourself with that habit, you will be more motivated to get your goal done so you can get rewarded.

12. Your Lack of Support From Others - This one can work a couple of different ways. If you don't share your goals and dreams with your family, they may become barriers to goal setting in your life. If they don't know your plans or intentions (what you are doing), then they are going to task you with things they want you to do. This sets you back with your goals and messes up your time management for the day. Other people may also be negative toward your efforts and try to deter you from proceeding by saying it's worthless to try.

That concludes the goal setting barriers and some quick fixes to help you avoid them. Setting goals is a must if you want to organize your life and get things done. Avoiding these barriers is a must. Learn how motivation can stop goal setting barriers in their tracks so you can achieve all of your goals.

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