Steps for Goal Setting That Make Setting Goals Easy!

The steps for goal setting are an integral part of reaching your definite purpose in life. Learning effective goal setting will ultimately lead you down the road toward your dreams in an orderly fashion so you can reach your final destination as quickly and effectively as possible.

Goals are the stepping stones on the pathway toward success in anything you set out to do. Each goal leads into the next and finally to your ultimate goal which is your life purpose. Without goals, your aim will most likely be off, seriously misdirected and could possibly send you spinning way off course in a direction that will set you way back in your journey.

When setting your goals, your life purpose or number primary goal is at top of your list. This is what you are ultimately aiming toward in anything you do. Even reading this page of content is one of the goals leading up to your ultimate success.

In the steps for goal setting, the major or more prominent goals are what I like to call the "Stepping Stone Goals". These are your larger, more important goals that will directly lead you toward your primary purpose. Without completing any one of your Stepping Stone Goals, you will not be able to achieve your life purpose. purpose.

Just be aware, when you are listing your Stepping Stone Goals, you may not know them all yet. New ones will come into your mind as you are progressing along. Simply add them to your list of goals when that happens.

Examples of these are a major milestone like the completion of a product or service, or a long term accomplishment such as reaching a passive income of a certain amount by a certain time.

The next successive goal in the steps for goal setting is the Short Term Goals or Action Goals. These are the goals you will set on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that are leading up to your individual Stepping Stone Goals. These are the goals you are more familiar with in your day to day events.

In the earlier examples, one of the Stepping Stone Goals was completing a product or service for your business by a certain time. A short term Action Goal leading into that Stepping Stone Goal is to research how long it takes the product to break.

The short term goal is very important in order to achieve the Stepping Stone Goal. There may be a hundred more short term goals leading up to the completion of your product or service for your business, but you will eventually reach your stepping stone and launch the new product to the world.

When you are creating your list of goals, you will be first starting at the top (your exit strategy or end point), working down with the big goals you need to accomplish in order to reach the end, then you will jump back to the very beginning and plan out to your first Stepping Stone Goal. This will enable you to start your progress right away, even before your entire plan is in place.

You don't need your entire journey mapped out before setting sail. All you need is the first chart or two. As you are sailing toward the end of the chart, you will be working on the other charts, mapping them out so you can continue on once you get there.

In other words, don't spend all of your time writing your goals. It is very important to take action as soon as possible to make progress toward your life purpose so you can build some momentum.

Let's Summarize the Steps for Goal Setting!

1. Discover and write down your life purpose!

2. List all of the major Stepping Stone Goals you will need to accomplish in order to achieve your life purpose.

3. List all of the minor Short Term Action Goals that you need to accomplish to reach your Stepping Stone Goals, starting with the first Stepping Stone.

The steps for goal setting teach you how to set goals when you add in the 12 Guidelines on how to set goals, essential things you need to know before you start creating your first goals.

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