Dream Big in Order To Achieve Great Things!

"Dream Big!" I know you heard that phrase before if you have ever thought about a network marketing company or other success venture before. Well, you heard it because it is very true.

You need to tap into that dusty old Dream Factory and figure out what your motivational hot buttons are. But first, let's explore the Dream Factory. Many years ago, back when you were playing Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians, Dukes of Hazzard, or playing with your Barbie Dolls, you had the unique ability to foster dreams out of thin air. Your dreams were limitless by your wild imagination, reaching to all ends of the universe and beyond. You knew exactly what you wanted in life and you weren't going to settle for anything less.

Then life happened! You stopped dreaming big, your dreams narrowed and your primary focus in life changed from one thing to the next, just so you could continue living in this hectic and every day changing world. You find out quickly, or you may not even realize it, that When you grow up, it seems as though your Dream Factory shuts down, or at least slows way down, and all those wonderful dreams go to the weight side.

What do you do when you lose your ability to dream big? What do you do when all of that motivation is lost?

Let's analyze this for a moment. What are some of the reasons you have stopped dreaming and possibly lost your motivation? Is it the fact that things don't always go as planned and there always seems to be something new in the way of your present dreams? Or, is it something that drastically changes the course of your life such as marriage, children, or a sudden change of occupations? Or, maybe someone in your family that is very close to you dies.

Life changes so quickly that sometimes it is hard to keep up with it. Moreover, when we are subject to these changes, our goals and dreams tend to take a back burner to actual life instead of everything harmoniously working together.

Your Dream Factory in fact shuts down and you begin living what is known as “the Rut!” A rut is a routine that happens day in and day out, from the time you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night; nothing changes with each passing day and life becomes senseless and boring or with no motivation.

Trying to get out of the rut is a huge hurdle in itself, something that takes a lot of self-discipline and motivation. If you live every day of your life the same as the last, you most likely won't accomplish anything new and exciting. Your life needs a direction; you need something to strive for; you need something to focus on; you need to dream big so you can find something big to pursue, something that you are totally passionate about.

Everyone has a different motivation or dreams of how they want their lives to turn out. To find your passion in life, you first need to analyze your life. Think back to when you were a kid, reach into that dusty old Dream Factory, and pull out some of the ideas from the past. Do not limit yourself when it comes to dreaming. You must dream big, as big as your imagination will take you. Do you want to be a published author? Do you want to be a private jet pilot? Do you want to discover a cure for cancer? Do you want to build the first self-sufficient automobile?

The first thing you need to do in order to start dreaming is to determine your life purpose. This should be your biggest dream in life, but trying to figure out what that is will be the challenge.

Dreams are the driving force that sets your goals in motion. If you don't dream big, you won't have a reason to set big goals. There are many ways to set goals, but goals are useless if you lack motivation and fail to strive to accomplish them.

Learn the purpose of and reason why you want to dream big so you can have a better chance at success at whatever it is you want to accomplish.

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