Goal Setting Example to Help You Create Effective Goals!

A goal setting example will help you create effective goals to apply toward your life plan. Every goal should be written with these simple but powerful elements. Once you see how a goal should be properly formatted, you will quickly see how easy this can be.

You should remember that AVID helps you remember all of the key elements to each and every goal you create. You want to know what you want to Accomplish or what your objective is for your goal. You want to explain what your Vehicle or method of accomplishment is going to be. Next you want to provide an Incentive or a reward for your goal's accomplishment. And of course it wouldn't be a goal if it didn't have a Deadline or reasonable assessment for time of completion.

Now let's put them all together in a real practical goal setting example so you can see how to effectively write a goal. Once you see how a goal is written, you can create a goal template of your own to help you rapidly draft goals from here on out.

Here are some questions you can answer to help you get all of the information you need together for establishing your goal. You can follow along with me using one of your actual "objectives" so you can create your first effective goal.

1. What do you want to accomplish? What is your objective?

2. How are you going to accomplish your objective? What vehicle will you use to accomplish your goal?

3. What is the deadline for your goal? Estimating about how much time it is going to take to accomplish your goal, use that to come up with a reasonable and realistic time to set as your deadline. Don't make this an impossible date and don't make it too easy. This is very important if you want it to work.

4. What will your reward or incentive be for accomplishing this goal on time? Likewise, what will happen if you do not accomplish your goal on time? You must punish yourself if you fail to reach your goal on time. Rewarding yourself anyway is not the answer. You must either not reward yourself with the intended reward, or spell it out in your goal.

Below is a Goal Setting Example to Help You See All of the Goal Setting Elements Together in One Solid Goal Paragraph!

My objective is to complete one chapter of my fiction novel 'Over the Edge'. I will complete this goal by using Microsoft Word on my computer and typesetting the handwritten words from printout to the computer. I will complete this chapter by 10:00pm today, September the 20th. My reward for the completion of this goal is to take a night off from writing. If I don't reach my goal and complete the chapter by 10:00pm, I will have to write another chapter by 10:00pm tomorrow night instead of taking a night off.

The above goal setting example has all of the elements of a goal that tell me exactly what the goal is, how it will be accomplished, when it is due, and what I get if I complete the goal as scheduled. I even added in what would happen if I didn't achieve the goal on time which was more work.

Your reward for action or daily goals should be small but effective rewards such as a break, time off, a special snack, or something that makes you very happy or satisfied that you don't get all of the time. You should reserve larger more costly dreams as rewards for the stepping stone goals that require a bunch of smaller goals to accomplish.

Now, from that goal, you can create a much more practical goal you can use for your tracking throughout the day by adding it to a To Do List in abbreviated form. See that example below:

___ Finish 1 Chapter of Over the Edge by 10:00pm

Since you wrote out the entire goal earlier, you don't have to write it all down again. You already know what the reward is and the vehicle from when you wrote the entire goal out, so you can effectively use that mini goal to execute your goal.

I want to help you establish your goals. If you have questions about this goal setting example, please contact me so I can help answer your questions.

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