Getting Motivated Means Writing Down Your Goals!

Getting motivated in today's high paced world means getting your goals written down, reviewing them daily, and striving to accomplish them as quickly as possible. The process seems as though you need more motivation just to make all of that happen, but by making it a habit vice a task, you will work goal setting into your daily routine with little or no effort whatsoever.

You have so many goals to think about that each lead to your life purpose. You of course have your primary goal or life's purpose which is at the top of your list followed closely by a set of stepping stone goals which are your long term goals that each lead up to your primary purpose. Next you have your short term goals which each lead up to your long term stepping stone goals. Then you have your action goals which are your very short term goals that you apply toward your daily activities.

So, how does writing goals help you get motivated to do things, especially if this writing and organizational process takes up quite a bit of time in itself? First, getting motivated comes from how your goals are written. Goals contain several key elements that trigger motivation in you. A simple To Do List triggers people to perform a specific action, but it's not quite enough to carry a person to completion, especially if you are lazier than most people.

A properly written and developed goal puts motivators in place to ensure the goal gets done and enforces the fact that it gets done on time. These motivators are in the form of challenges and rewards cleverly written right into your goal.

Everyone loves a little challenge to help them with getting motivated. By setting a deadline for your goal, you are challenging yourself to get that goal done by a certain date. Working hand-in-hand with a deadline is a reward for accomplishment that you ONLY get if you complete your goal on time.

Simply knowing when you complete a goal that the goal will be completed doesn't motivate you. Knowing that you will be rewarded for its accomplishment is sometimes all of the motivation you need to get the job done.

In order for a goal to do the motivating, it needs to be written down. If a goal isn't written down, you can't be held accountable for it. This is especially important if you are a procrastinator or if you are extremely lazy. Sharing your goals with others is another great way to hold you accountable and maintaining your motivation through accountability.

Learn how to write a goal for getting motivated at the same time as spelling out a plan of action that gets you to your primary purpose faster.

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