Setting Long Term Goals!

Long term goals are the goals that help you reach your primary purpose in life. They are your larger, more detailed goals that spell out exactly what you want, when you want it by, how you will get it (or the vehicle you will use to get it), and what your reward will be when you do get it.

These goals are the ones that have been discussed throughout this website. They are pretty much standard goals with all of the same elements. This is just another term they are called and what you may be more familiar with.

When creating your master plan in life, your plan will have both short term goal setting and longer term goal setting involved. Some of the shorter goals will help you accomplish the more lengthy term goals and those goals will help you accomplish your life purpose.

Deciding which goals are long and which ones are short can be difficult unless you just remember the simple rule of thumb: If the goal is longer than a month, it is a longer term goal; if it is shorter than a month, it is a short term goal.

You need to learn how to write a goal in order to formulate your long goals. There are many different styles to goal setting, such as the use of SMART goals. The choice is yours of how you want to write your goals, you just have to make sure you use your goals appropriately to achieve your overall goal in life.

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