Short Term Goal Setting Things to Know!

Short term goal setting is the type you use when you have very easy tasks to complete, smaller points to reach while aiming for larger goals, or miscellaneous things that don't take very long to complete.

Short term goals are very basic, but are still leading you in the right direction. They don't have to be as detailed as long term goals (including all of the elements of goals) because they are quick and easy, able to be completed in less than a month.

The key to remember the difference between short term and long term goals is the one month barrier. If it can be completed in a month or less, it is a short term goal. If it extends out past a month, it should be handled as a long term goal.

Writing short term goals is very simple. All you need to remember is two things:

1. what Action you need to accomplish.

2. The Deadline for accomplishment.

Personally, I consider my short term goal setting as preparing my "To Do List" every day. I prioritize my day based on the goals I need to accomplish that day based on my monthly goals, based on my yearly goals. My to do list guides me through every day getting things done and keeping me on track.

Of course keeping a daily short term goal list is work. It requires you repeatedly review your long term goals so you can generate your action steps, or short term goals, to take to get there. But this will also keep your goals fresh in your head and keep you motivated.

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