Small Business Goal Setting - How to Organize Your Vehicles in Life!

Small business goal setting is the act of setting goals for your income earning vehicles in life that help you reach your personal goals in life. A small business is a vehicle that helps you reach your goals faster by putting a goal oriented plan in place to guide you through the many areas of business growth.

Your business goals are those that are set for anything in your life that isn't related to your personal life. This would be things that involve making money (other than a job which would fall under personal career goal setting) that you are using as a means of supplying passive income into your personal budget. These goals include your business's financial goals, customer goals, product or service goals, community involvement goals, marketing goals, and expansion goals.

Your business goals are portrayed in your business plan and the success of your business is directly dependent on your ability to execute your plan as written. By establishing business goals, it will keep you on track with your small business plan and help considerably with time management.

One thing to remember when goal setting is to keep your personal and business goals separate. Treat your business as part of your life, but run it as a separate entity. This separate entity has its own primary purpose in life as well as its own path through life. You are just a major controlling interest in that entity and will call the shots.

The key to small business goal setting success is to be able to manage everything in business in a meticulous order so you can get everything you plan on done as planned. Eventually your business will grow from a small business to a large corporation.

Your business is a huge part of your life because it directly affects your life by providing you with the money you need in order to run your personal life. All of your goals related to small business goal setting are part of your life purpose as well as part of its own purpose, but don't get the two confused.

You and your business have two totally different sets of goals and dreams. Don't mix the two up. Getting from start up to continued growth and expansion in your business takes a lot of planning, organization, and help from others (employees or partners) to reach your ultimate goal for that business.

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