Elements of Goal Setting and How to Apply Them to Life!

The elements of goal setting are very straight forward and simple to put together, but if you don't know how to set them up, you may actually slow yourself down along your journey toward your primary purpose in life.

Goals are a vital part to consider when developing your master plan. Goals help you set up motivators to help you achieve anything you set out to accomplish.

When you are reaching for a specific purpose, say your primary purpose in life, goals are the basic stepping stones to get you through your entire journey, from start to finish. As you make your plan, you fill your plan with goals that each lead up to one another.

Some goals will be long term, some will be short term, some will be for a specific focus of your life. Common focus areas to write goals for are financial, health, career, love, religion, friendship, community, family, and building wealth.

The elements of goal setting enables you to create a step-by-step plan to progress you through life without a solid vehicle in place. A vehicle or method of making progress (either financially, physically, mentally, or love) may not be known when you are first starting out toward your primary purpose, so goals are to get the momentum going without actually needed a vehicle yet.

Goals are more difficult to establish before you have a vehicle in place, but once you have your vehicle or method of reaching your primary purpose, creating more efficient goals is a lot easier.

The Elements of Goal Setting!

1. Define Your Goals. What do you want to accomplish as a goal? Think small, but not too small. Don't make your goals too complex, but make them well defined and challenging. Don't make your objectives too easy that it will be no trouble at all to achieve. You want to consistently challenge yourself to strive for higher ground with strong, meaningful goals. This defining characteristic of each goal should be very detailed, explaining exactly what you want to accomplish to reach that goal.

2. Establish Deadlines for Each of Your Goals. When will you accomplish each objective? Be exact with your deadline and ensure that the date you come up with is achievable to the best of your knowledge. Don't set your deadlines so far out that they are too easy to achieve and likewise, don't set your deadline so soon that you could never accomplish it on time.

3. Determine What You Need to Do to Reach That Goal. What action or actions must you specifically do in order to reach this certain goal? What vehicle will you need to use to help you accomplish this goal? This will help considerably when creating your plan for success.

4. Establish Set Incentives That You Will Reward Yourself With Once You Achieve Your Target. This is very important because it keeps your burning desire going. As you reward yourself with your smaller dreams (achievable based on the income level you are currently at) as a serious motivator, the rewards will keep getting larger and larger until you receive your ultimate reward by achieving your primary purpose.

Use these elements of goal setting to learn how to write a goal and for creating all of the goals you need in your life's plan. This will help you reach your primary purpose as easily and in as little amount of time as possible. But first, you must know what you primary purpose or your ultimate dream is in life before you can start aiming for it.

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