Goal Setting and Time Management Work Hand-In-Hand!

Goal setting and time management work hand-in-hand to give you everything you want in life as quickly as possible. Use your time wisely and achieve your goals on demand.

So many people simply waste their lives doing things that aren't setting them free, then they complain when they can't retire when they want to. If you work a job for someone else, you are trading your time for dollars. Instant gratification (or very fast) for your efforts is what keeps people going to work every day.

Well, when your goals are geared toward wealth building, the hard part about performing your own wealth building efforts is that the time you spend today doesn't pay you every two weeks like a job would. In fact, it may not pay you for a year or two. But when it does pay you, it will be much more compensation for your efforts than you would get from any job you could possibly have.

One way to help with your goal setting and time management is establishing a simple rule for yourself. As stated earlier in time management tips, you should reward yourself for completing your daily To Do List on time or ahead of schedule. Your reward should be in the form of time off for the rest of that day.

Imbed this in your brain. If you complete your goals for the day early (there is nothing left on your To Do List), then you can enjoy those hours off for the rest of the day/night. But on the inverse, if you have items left on your To Do List, then you must be working for the entire 5 1/2 hours.

Goal setting and time management is all about honesty and accountability for your actions. Please don't organize your To Do List so you only have one item that you know you will get done in 10 minutes so you can have the rest of the evening off. That is not how success works.

You will have to put in some time toward your own goals and dreams in order to succeed at them. If you choose to challenge yourself to do 3 or 4 items every day (not easy things either, but that can be finished that day), you will find that the outcome (your success) will come much faster than you could previously envision.

You must blend goal setting and time management so that they work together in pure harmony. With goals, you must choose a reward that adequately motivates you to want to complete that goal on time or ahead of time. These rewards come from your needs, wants and dreams lists. With your To Do List, it's a little different. These are small goals or steps needed to complete your smaller goals. They need incentive just the same as larger goals and what better incentive but to give you some free time as a reward for your great efforts that day.

Get some ideas for rewards for goal setting and time management to help you achieve your goals on time.

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