SMARTER Goals Add More Power To SMART Goals!

Smarter goals are just like smart goals, they just have a couple of powerful qualities that make goal setting that much more powerful. I prefer this method over smart goals alone because you tend to be more in tune to get these goals done.

The two added letters in the acronym, E and R, add so much more to the awesome mnemonic SMART. You'll see as you read below.

How to Write Goals Using the Acronym or Mnemonic SMARTER

S - Specific

M - Measurable

A - Attainable

R - Relevant

T - Time-Bound

E - Evaluate

R - Reward

All of the other words that make up SMART are the same; we are just adding in two more words to give you goal more meaning and to help you fine tune the goal as you are progressing along.

The "E" stands for Evaluate and can help your goal setting abilities improve over time. When you evaluate your current goal while it is in progress, based on your measure of where you are at and how you are doing at it, you can tweak on it a little in order to get to your destination more efficiently and effectively.

You evaluate things that are working and the things that aren't. You then modify your goal a little, only changing the process for which you are going to get it done based on what you've learned so far. This ensures a smoother journey from start to finish with your goal achievement.

The final letter "R" is your Reward for accomplishment of your goal. How will you reward yourself or what will your reward be for accomplishing your smarter goals? A reward is a very important part of your goal setting process because it provides you with a little built-in motivation to help the goal through to completion.

A reward should be fulfilling enough to motivate you to complete the goal. This is what a list of "wants" (the things you want but have to go a little out of your way to obtain them) is for. You choose your "want" from the bottom of the list (the least costly want) and this will be your reward for your goal accomplishment.

Of course, SMARTER goals are very detailed and precise goals and should be used for your stepping stone goals or the pillar goals that lead directly to your ultimate goal in life. There are still the smaller action goals to think about and those can be SMART Goals.

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